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Transforming the Mining sector

Solid minerals are the bedrock of infrastructural and economic development of many countries in the world. These minerals, which include gold, silver, diamond and copper are able to play a pivotal role in the development of countries due to their mining capabilities and the necessary attention given to the sector.

In Nigeria, the mining sector adds less than 1% to the GDP despite the fact that the country is very rich in solid minerals such as: bitumen, columbine, gold, limestone, iron-ore and so on.
Our mining business is strategically placed to help meet the current demand in Nigeria and subsequently for the restoration of an efficient mining sector in the country.
We have taken interests in limestone, iron-ore and bitumen due to our feasibility studies and research, which showed that these solid minerals are largely deposited in Nigeria and they portend very great opportunities from which we could utilise to create value for our clients and stakeholders.
Limestone is a common building material used for construction. Two of its end products are cement and window glass.

Iron-ore is an important raw material for the production of steel and accounts for 95% of world’s metal used yearly for making cars, building machines, and constructing bridges; among many other things. 75% of Bitumen is majorly used for road construction and has been dubbed the unsung hero of our modern world.

With the prospects of our mining division, we are set to help the country meet its demand for premium building materials and facilitate improved civil constructions. The aim is to nurture and operate cost-efficient and environmentally friendly mining sites in Nigeria.

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