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About Mclatek Energy

Mclatek Energy commenced operations and sought to become the leading renewable energy company in Nigeria. This was at time when the vast majority of the country depended on fossil fuels for energy production. The task was to lead a revolution that would result in a transformation of dependability from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Today, we are widely regarded not only as a leader but also a pioneer in the energy sector due to our efforts in this transformation process. We have managed to achieve this milestone by maintaining a strong client focus and budget consciousness in rendering all of our services. Our company realizes that the core of sustainability is value, thus we continually explore improved methods of capturing and delivering value to our clients.

Our focal point of operations is Nigeria due to the enormous potentials it presents as the largest market in Africa by virtue of its population. However, we constantly explore new grounds and are ever ready to take on new business opportunities. Our involvements in the Solar Energy and Lighting sectors were cautiously selected based on their capacity to provide sustainability in the long term.

At Mclatek Energy, it is believed that an individual is only as good as their tool, and so; our machinery is regularly updated with the latest proven technology to aid in delivering the outstanding services we are renowned for. We are also cautious of the set of personnel we employ. Prospective employees must meet certain carefully selected criteria’s prior to recruitment. This is why our company is widely regarded as a base for top professionals in Nigeria.

It would be delightful to have you join our list of reputable and satisfied clientele. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship with you.

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